Today in “what is the internet anyway?”, Calgary company Sock Rocket is benefitting big time after U.S. President Donald Trump done-goofed. Man, we love us a good ol’ political rally.

Sometimes during one of these things you’re left empowered, sometimes you’re left fired up and angry, and sometimes you’re left rolling on the floor because the public figure you’re watching just mispronounced “stock market” and it sounded like “sock rocket.”

This happened back in November, but it has recently blown up on Twitter. After all, the internet never forgets. Since then, a Calgarian “buy-one-give-three” company called Sock Rocket has seen a massive boost in their sales, and honestly, we couldn’t be happier for them.

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The company launched in 2016 and been able to donate over 40,000 pairs of socks to several clothing charities Canada-wide, which is insane, especially because the company has become even more popular in the last few months. Congrats, guys!

We can only hope that even after the hashtag goes cold, feet around the country stay warm. Keep doing you, Sock Rocket!


Where: Can be purchased online here