A long thin destination off the coast of Halifax, Sable Island is one of the most enchanting places in Canada. In addition to being home to several wild horses, it also holds the record for having the largest grey seal colony in the world.

Often called “horseheads” due to their large, curved noses, these adorable animals can live to be anywhere from 30 to 40 years old and arrive by the thousands in the wintertime.

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“During the breeding season, grey seals occupy the beaches and both vegetated and non-vegetated inland habitats throughout the island,” Parks Canada explains.

“For the remainder of the year, grey seals generally haul out on the beaches in groups of dozens to thousands of individuals, with a particularly large number on the island during the annual moult in May and June.”

Interested in seeing them for yourself? You’re surely in for a treat!

The Sable Island and coastal Nova Scotia population rapidly increased from 2,300 animals in 1960 to an incredible 380,000 in 2017 and while the exact number born in 2023 is unclear, they have yet to give their ‘Guinness’ title away to another rock or beach.

If of course, you do choose to check it out – please be respectful and follow visitor guidelines.

“Leave only footprints, take only photos,” keep the wildlife wild by not feeding or interacting with them, and watch where you step!

This place is magical and should be kept that way. After all, there really is no place quite like Sable Island.

Enjoy and happy exploring!

Sable Island, Canada

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