What if the journey and the destination became indistinguishable? As you turn off the engine in the emerald gleam of glacier-fed lakes, the cool shade of temperate rainforests, and breathtaking mountain vistas that dot the Whistler backcountry, it will feel like you’ve arrived. But, fire up the engine on your RZR and cruise along the rugged trails in exhilarating comfort, and you may not want to stop.

The Adventure Group’s exclusive RZR Tours weave unforgettable natural destinations and the pleasure of off-roading into one seamless journey, where the scenery at each stop rivals the power of the impressive vehicles. Venture side-by-side as the destination and the journey become one!

What’s Included

  • 2 seat or 4 seat Polaris RZRs for the ultimate backcountry exploration
  • Side-by-side bucket seats
  • Full seat belt and roll cage
  • 1 fully trained professional guide to safely lead you through the backcountry
  • DOT certified full-face helmet to wear for the duration of the tour

What To Expect

WILDERNESS RIDE – A tour for true off-roaders. Set your sights on some of Whistler’s plentiful wildlife and enjoy the view as your guide skillfully leads you through old growth forests, around mountain lakes and into the backcountry for spectacular views of Whistler’s mountains. This tour is ideal for the whole family!
Tour Length: 1.5 hrs

BC TOUR – Explore the diversity of Whistler’s backcountry on this signature guided RZR tour. As you explore lush temperate rainforests, stunning glacial lakes and rivers, as well as breathtaking views, you will have trouble believing you saw it all in 2 hours. A perfect tour for those seeking a taste of everything.
Tour Length: 2 hrs

COVID-19 Measures Now in Place: Guests will be required to consent to a non-invasive temperature check, and wearing a protective mask is required at times. Masks will be provided, or guests can bring their own. For a complete list of new procedures, please visit tagwhistler.com/covid19