Here’s a whacky piece of info for your day. Vancouver native Ryan Reynolds just unveiled an interesting snacking concept that plays right into his and Hugh Jackman’s playful feud: A ‘Wolverine’-shaped popcorn bucket!

It’s no secret that the Deadpool star has long wanted to make a Deadpool & Wolverine film, and the 2024 production comes around eight years after he made his desire known to the Wolverine actor.

After years of teasing and antics on social media, Reynolds has taken it to the next level, allowing fans to get in on the fun.

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In the video Reynolds shared, butter can be seen flowing from the ‘Wolverine’s’ nostrils into his ‘mouth,’ AKA the opening of the popcorn bucket.

And don’t be alarmed, the ‘Wolverine’ bucket has no teeth!

“Please enjoy your popcorn responsibly,” the video says.

Ready to check it out for yourself? Deadpool & Wolverine will hit theatre screens this July. So you don’t have long to wait before your dreams of eating popcorn from the ‘Wolverine’s’ head become a reality.

So there you have it, Marvel fans! Stay tuned for more info as it comes, including where to snag some ‘Wolverine’ popcorn.

Oh, and any other fun marketing tactics the pair comes up with!