The Reynolds content train just keeps a-rolling! Alongside sharing his favourite restaurant in the world Ryan Reynolds released a PSA about Daylight Saving Time today with co-star Mark Ruffalo. It’s only fitting since, you know, their new Vancouver-shot movie The Adam Project is all about time travel.

And fittingly, they brought out another legend to talk give a little perspective on us losing an hour this weekend. That somebody? None other than Christopher Lloyd, who is best known for his character Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown in the Back to the Future movies.

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While we won’t deny Lloyd’s speech about “losing an hour” but “gaining perspective”, we’re still on the fence about the whole Daylight Saving Time thing. Apparently, so is Reynolds, who couldn’t help but finish the video by saying that he still thinks Daylight Savings is “so stupid”. Ruffalo agreed with him by the way, calling it “idiotic”.

Well, shoot- which side do we take here?? A wise old movie legend or a Canadian superstar. Actually, we’re just going to sit on the fence and wait until some actual decisions are made.