Sure, you might lose an hour of sleep, but it comes with a pretty solid tradeoff! Daylight Saving Time will return to Canada this week, bringing longer days with it. And luckily, it lands on the weekend.

This year, Daylight Saving Time in Canada will officially occur at 2 am (across all local times) on Sunday, March 13th. Fun fact- while most of Canada opts in for the time switch, there are a few notable exceptions, including areas in BC, Ontario, and most of Saskatchewan.

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So, those planning a spring road trip might want to keep these exceptions in mind. But, if you’re more about the city life, then know that every major Canadian city observes Daylight Saving Time. Sorry Saskatoon, but you’re exactly big enough to land on that list.

Whatever the case, our readers in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto might want to tuck in early on Saturday. After all, you don’t want those 7 hours of sleep turning into 6 overnight. That’s how you ensure a serious case of the Sunday Scaries, if you ask us.