You haven’t experienced beauty like this before in Ontario. Rushing River Provincial Park is a hidden gem waiting to be explored, and we’re here to tell you why it’s totally worth the trip this summer.

The park’s centerpiece is the Rushing River, a stunning display of cascading water that flows over rocks shaped by ancient glaciers.

The river can be navigated by canoe, but don’t worry, this peaceful journey won’t require you to hurdle over the rapids.

Hiking enthusiasts will love the network of trails that wind through the wilderness, each revealing a different element of the park’s beauty.

The Beaver Pond Trail is a 1.1 km loop that immerses you in the lush surroundings of a serene beaver pond with water lilies and thriving wildlife.

Meanwhile, the more challenging Granite Knoll Trail is 2.7 km, taking you through granite rock formations and pine forests.

The Lower Rapids Trail is a 1.8 km loop that weaves through picturesque views of the river, giving glimpses of waterfowl and the enchanting calls of local birds.

This trail follows what may be an old portage around the rapids and waterfalls, according to Ontario Parks.

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The Pine Ridge Trail, a short 500-metre path, has amazing lookout points of the red pine forest ridge and campsites below.

For a refreshing swim, the park offers four sandy beaches, complete with shallow roped-off sections that are ideal for kids.

Rushing Rapids Provincial Park also serves as the gateway to Eagle-Dogtooth Provincial Park’s canoe routes.

If you’re in need of supplies or equipment, the nearby Rushing River General Store offers short-term rentals.

So, if you’re ready to experience a deep connection with the remarkable Ontario wilderness, this is the place you need to go.

Rushing River Provincial Park

Where: 1200 ON-71, Kenora, Ontario