Get ready to unleash your inner child and explore Toronto’s most epic Museum through the eyes of your little ones: WonderWorks is here!

ROM has just reimagined its interactive children’s gallery, and while it may be intended for ages 3 to 8, you’re definitely going to want to play too.

Head up to Level 2 and be instantly transported to a child’s creative paradise. There are bright colours, bold cutouts, and hands-on games packed with fun and learning. It’s a trip to the Museum that the whole family can get behind.

WonderWorks is all about providing a self-guided and exploratory learning experience for children to enjoy. Here are just a few of the brand-new features you can expect to find:

Story Nook

Come on, how adorable does this look? This little corner is great for kids that need a moment to catch their breath with a fun story about all the cool things they’ve seen in the Museum. The Story Nook is a dreamy oasis with tons of pillows, overhanging clouds, and lots of storybooks to enjoy. Note: silly voices are required for each character! 

Wonderworks at ROM
Photo via ROM

Noodle Wall

Look at this picture and tell us your hands aren’t itching! This large, pegged noodle wall is a blank canvas for kids’ creativity. Make a picture, spell out a fun message, or create a game to play with others. The sky is the limit! Side effects may include refined motor skills and a new love for going to the Museum.

Wonderworks at ROM
Photo via ROM

Interactive Games

Where else can you build a dinosaur and learn basic geometry at the same time? WonderWorks’ play-based learning space has collaborative activities like dino-bone building blocks to encourage children to socialize, play together, and explore a deeper understanding of collections at ROM. They’ll never look at those dino skeletons the same way once they’ve put one together themselves!

Wonderworks at ROM
Photo via ROM

Hands-On Learning

Research has shown that there’s no better way for young children to learn than with play. WonderWorks is all about introducing kids to the vast art, cultural, and natural history collections at ROM with fun, hands-on experiences. Explore exhibitions throughout the Museum, make new friends, and discover a whole new way to be curious and learn. 

Kids at Wonderworks
Photo via ROM

ROM was founded in 1912 and is the largest museum in Canada and one of the largest in North America.  Over one million people visit ROM every year, making it the most-visited museum in the country.

WonderWorks is the newest of ROM’s spaces to engage younger audiences and establish museums as an important part of growing up and staying curious. Check it out for your next family outing, and try not to monopolize the noodle wall. It’s for the kids, after all. 


When: Summer Hours: Daily, 10 AM to 5:30 PM | After September 4, 2023: Tuesday – Friday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM

Where: Level 2 Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queen’s Park, Toronto

Cost: Free with general admission