It might still be spring, but summer is in the air. Specifically, the sweet, sweet smell of summer BBQ. Baseball season is back in full swing with the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Club, and so is the amazing food at Rosie’s BBQ and Smokehouse.

The song goes, “we’ve got peanuts and cracker jacks,” which don’t get us wrong, we’re happy to load up on those—but there’s nothing quite like some delicious BBQ to compliment a game. The messier the better!

The team:


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Rosie’s BBQ & Smokehouse delivers on every aspect of Texas-style BBQ. The slow-cooked meats over wood smoke, the big family-style tables, and smiles all around.

From their staples like the beef brisket, pork ribs, and authentic Southern-style cornbread to new additions like the mouthwatering smoked patty melt and smoked turkey, there’s something for every BBQ fan at the table.

The food:

rosie's bbq and smokehouse season preview may 2022 preview

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Chef Karl Gregg is deeply committed to creating authentic Southern BBQ. In fact, he’s taken multiple trips down to central Texas to fully immerse himself in their iconic BBQ scene.

While their current menu is heavily influenced by the cities of Austin and Houston, Rosie’s also draws inspiration from other BBQ hotspots, including New Orleans and even regions in Mexico.

A special new addition to their permanent menu is the Barbacoa beef, a Mexican-inspired plate with marinated chilis, sweet onions, tomato, garlic, housemade tortillas, and a casual 8-hour smoke. No biggie.

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The process:

rosie's bbq and smokehouse season preview may 2022

Photo via Curiocity

Pictured above is the 19′ smoker powerhouse, Hank, who was towed all the way from Texas back up to Vancouver to complete the Rosie’s fam. Chef Karl and Hank were up in the early hours of the day (as early as 4 am!) to start slow-cooking the locally sourced meats to perfection, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Rosie’s monthly rotating menu will be available at Vancouver Canadians’ home games, as well as other pop-up locations throughout the summer.

rosie's bbq and smokehouse season preview

Photo via Curiocity

If meat’s not your thing, you can always load up on their amazing sides. Mac ‘n cheese salad, coleslaw, and tater tots make for the perfect snack to munch on!

Keep your eye out for Hank updates and all the deets on where the team will set up shop over the summer. As for fun additions to their rotating menu, how does a two-foot-long beef rib sound??

We’ll see you at The Nat, Vancouver.

Rosie’s BBQ and Smokehouse

When: May 21st & 22nd, May 28th & 29th
Where: 4601 Ontario Street, The Nat