You might not associate our province with some great boating options, but there are actually quite a few to keep in mind. Especially when it’s super easy to rent a private boat in Alberta, thanks to a very specific app that’s come on to the scene. Let’s check it out!

Basically Airbnb for boats, GetMyBoat is a website/app that allows owners to list their boats for private use, on either an hourly or daily basis. The varieties range from relaxing fishing boats, to rafting, and even some wakeboarding options here and there.

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Heck, they’ve even got a FlyBoard on there, if you want something truly different. You can also find boats where a captain is provided, or enjoy a captain-optional one, assuming you’ve got the proper licenses and all that. Either way, it’s a great, open-source option for a day out on the water.

And a great alternative from continually asking your friends if you can go spend the weekend at their lakehouse! That’s usually what we’re stuck doing, anyway. Keep these options to rent a private boat in Alberta is mind, you won’t regret it!