As sweater-clad aardvark, Arthur Read once said, “having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a Library card!” Turns out, getting spooked isn’t all that difficult either so if you’re in the area of Cochrane, you may want to sign yourself up.

Apparently, in addition to books, board games, and telescopes, the Cochrane Public Library now has a ghost hunting kit, complete with everything you need to confront that pesky spirit who keeps turning the lights on or to meet a new one.

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These gadgets include a Sony Voice Recorder, so you can catch any EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon), an EMF reader, and a camcorder with night vision so you can catch all of the action.

Interested? Well, don’t hesitate to sign one out! Unfortunately, they only have one of these bad boys, but there’s a week-long limit on the kit so if it’s not your time now, it could be in 7 days.

If by chance, you’re unable to return it after a week, cardholders will be subject to a $1 per day fee, so don’t lose anything and keep your eyes on your calendars. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’ll rack up!

Anywho, please enjoy yourselves, be safe, be kind and be respectful! Happy ghost busting!


Where 405 Railway Street West, Cochrane