It’s crazy to think that the HSBC Rugby Sevens was the last major event in Vancouver before the pandemic struck last spring. For that reason alone, it’s kind of fitting that it’s one of the first huge sporting events to return to the city. Things go down this weekend, and we’ve got everything you need to know about it.

In contrast to most sporting events, the Rugby Sevens offers two, 8-hour long days of games to enjoy. Basically, you round up your friends, head down to BC Place, and enjoy an entire day of the crazy (our opinion) game.

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Things move fast, too. The days are split into two setups- a round-robin format on Saturday, followed by the finals (for the weekend) on Sunday. With games only lasting 14 minutes (plus a 2-minute break), teams will play multiple times during the day, and stay fresh enough to keep fans more than entertained.

And of course, the fans take an active role in the entertainment as well. For the past however many years, Vancouver has seen Halloween-levels of costumes in public, usually in a group setting, heading down to BC Place. Hey, we think it’s hilarious, especially after a full day of drinking and jumping around in there.

You can buy tickets for the entire weekend, or pick a day that works for you! One last notice- the Rugby Sevens will adhere to all public health restrictions, including vaccination requirements, this weekend. So, make sure you’ve got that figured out before you head down there!

HSBC Canada Rugby Sevens Vancouver

When: Saturday, September 18th and Sunday, September 19th
Where: 777 Pacific Boulevard
Cost: $83.81+