Here’s something to look forward to, folks. After years of renovations and upgrades, Fort Edmonton Park is slated to officially reopen sometime this summer! The $165 million project fully shut down the park for pretty much all of 2020, but is nearing completion. And, we’re here for a quick refresher.

The project has three major parts. First up, the midway is getting refreshed and new attractions are being added. Think things like a new Ferris wheel, a fun house, and a new exhibit called the ‘Cabinet of Curios’. Here’s hoping it’s like a Ripley’s Museum.

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Next up is a new signature exhibit called The Indigenous Peoples Experience. The exhibit will educate visitors on First Nations and Metis history, using narrators, exhibits, and audio-visual guides. Plus, the new buildings look pretty amazing.

Finally, the visitor centre is getting a complete overhaul. Here, you can look forward to a new cafe and a gift shop, plus a nice entry plaza to relax in.

And, that’s a quick rundown on what to look forward to! The new Fort Edmonton Park is scheduled to open this summer. To stay up to date, check out their website.