A fireball lit up the skies across the Canadian prairies this morning (VIDEO)

Via @LEAHinCANADA Twitter

We thought we’d left sights of impending doom in 2020, but it looks like at least one of them has crossed over to 2021. What appears to have been a fiery meteor lit up the skies across Alberta and Saskatchewan this morning, prompting tons of people to throw up what they saw on social media.

At around 6:30 AM MST, the large fireball was spotted on doorbell cams and out the windows of the early risers, culminating in a pretty cool start to the week. It’s not the type of fireball we’d usually mix with a morning coffee, but we’re not here to complain.

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Well, that’s a pretty hot start to the week! If you’ve got more videos or photos of the fireball, be sure to tag us on social media!