You won’t need to travel far to enjoy a stunning river scene and an artistic array of sculptures along a shore. Super specific, we know but this Ontario park is definitely one to explore. Venture to Remic Rapids Park before summer ends to enjoy a day by the water. Here’s what to know.

Located along the shore of the Ottawa River is Remic Rapids Park. It’s just a short distance away from downtown Ottawa and Parliament Hill. Here you’ll be able to enjoy gorgeous views of the river and watch as the sun sets and rises for a stunning display of natural beauty.

For a great lookout spot, head towards the Tunney’s Pasture federal employment facility where you can catch views of the Ottawa River and parts of Ottawa and Gatineau.

But the real treat here is the balanced rock sculptures.

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According to the National Capital Commission, in an effort to enhance the park’s beauty, artist John Felice Ceprano has created balanced rock sculptures on the river’s edge since 1986.

“The artist uses fossilized and colourful rocks found on the shore to build these sculptures by hand. They provide a free and exploratory public art experience that complements the park’s natural setting.”

And since 2000, the NCC has supported this artistic creation.

Remic Rapids Park is absolutely free to explore and one you definitely should add to your bucket list.

Though summer is nearing its end, you can explore this park in any season.

Happy exploring!

Remic Rapids Park

Where: Ottawa, ON