Can you handle the heat? This new cooking competition series wants to put you in the kitchen. The show is called Recipe for Disaster and will appear on The CW network, so if you’ve been waiting for your moment in the spotlight, you might just get it.

The show is looking for “talented, dynamic chefs with an excellent sense of humour” to compete in Toronto in November and December 2022.

So if you’re a chef who creates flawless, Michelin star-worthy dishes no matter how chaotic the kitchen gets, it’s time to push your culinary skills to the limit on Recipe For Disaster,” the description says.

Chefs from all backgrounds, all culinary styles, and at any stage in their career are invited to apply, as long as you can deal with chaos in the kitchen.

But, if you can handle the dinner rush at any busy downtown restaurant, you definitely have the tolerance for a bit of madness.

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Photo via U2M Brand / Shutterstock

To give you an idea of what this show’s all about, here’s a description provided in the casting.

Recipe For Disaster is unlike any other show you’ve seen before,” it says.

“In every episode, talented chefs compete to present the most creative, inspiring, and delicious meals for our discerning panel of judges… all while fending off surprise twists, obstacles, and well… disasters.”

In the online application, you’ll have to provide three photos of dishes you’ve personally created.

You’ll also have to describe your culinary background, your signature dishes, your kitchen pet peeves, and… your biggest fears. Gulp!

Plus, you will have to submit a 2-3 minute video showcasing your personality and your experience in the kitchen.

Be sure to have the photos and video ready to upload beforehand because you’ll have to complete the online application in one shot.

You can find the casting and application online right here. Good luck!