Prepare to be amazed, friends. A new immersive light show will make its way to Mississauga this September. The experience is called illumi — A Dazzling World of Lights and it’s said to be the first of its kind in the world.

Illumi will span 600,000 square feet in Mississauga, taking visitors on a magical journey through 13 different worlds, each with its own theme and spectacular sights.

One of the rooms you’ll get to explore is called The Infinite Poles, ‘a frozen landscape in which penguins mix with whales, and igloos inhabit an infinite forest of stalagmites,” the description says.

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Photo via Illumi

In The Multicoloured Savanna, you’ll get to explore a “safari of lights with the planet’s most majestic animals.”

And in The Cavalia Horses, you’ll witness a “colossal herd” of majestic white horses and be taken on a “magical ride surrounded by beauty, mystery, majesty, and horsepower.”

Millions of lights will illuminate your path and a unique soundtrack will make you feel like you’ve been transported to an enchanting universe.

“Brought to life by cutting-edge programming technologies, the immersive illumi universe features high-definition projections, jaw-dropping, state-of-the-art animatronic creatures, thousands of light structures, and over 20 million brilliant LED bulbs.”

Photo via illumi

The most epic sight of all is called The Tree of Lights, a towering luminous structure as tall as the Statue of Liberty at 47 metres high, with 44,000 interactive glowing spheres.

Plus, illumi will transform into various seasonal experiences throughout the year, with Halloween-themed installations in the fall and holiday displays in December.

Tickets are already on sale for the experience and will be up to 75% off for two weeks in September. If you’re a fan of immersive experiences and light shows, this one is definitely worth checking out.


Where: 7174 Derrycrest Dr (near Hwy 407 and Hurontario St), Mississauga
When: September 14, 2022 — January 8, 2023
Cost: $7.48-$9.98+