We only have a few weeks left of summer so let’s make it worth it. Since we’re on that exploration wave in Ontario, here is a park we recommend you add to your bucket list. With beautiful views of cascading waters and two very sandy beaches, Rainbow Falls Provincial Park is the perfect summer experience located north of the province.

To be frank, Rainbow Falls Provincial Park is nowhere near Toronto but it’s either a long 12-hour road trip away or a short trip on a plane.

That being said if you find yourself in the Thunder Bay area, hit the outdoors and enjoy your summer away at Rainbow Falls.

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Biking, boating, and canoeing are a few of the activities you can do at the park. However, if you really want to get into the nitty-gritty of things, check out their hiking trails.

For a more scenic experience, head along the Rainbow Falls Trail. Here you will come across a series of stairs and platforms before reaching a sturdy bridge over the cascades. It then leads you to a scenic lookout that’s picture-perfect.

Other trails include Back Forty/Back 40 Lookout Trail, Superior Trail, Schreiber Channel Segment, and Casque Isles Hiking Trail – Voyageur Hiking Trail.

After your adventure, take a refreshing dip in one of the two sandy beaches. According to Ontario Parks, the inland waters of Whitesand Lake are warm and ideal for a fun family swim. Or if you’re an adrenaline junkie, brave the cold waters of Lake Superior.


According to Ontario Parks, the cost of a Day Use permit depends on the time of the year whether it be on or off-season, and by park.

Entry fees for vehicles at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park is $12.25 after tax. For more park-specific fees, contact the park directly.

Make this summer one to remember!

Rainbow Falls Provincial Park

Where: P.O. Box 280, 1004 Hwy 17, Terrace Bay, ON