The sun has finally made an appearance and temperatures are beginning to look up, which means it’ll only be a matter of time until we can hit the water again! In fact, Lazy Day Rafts, one of Calgary’s most popular rental spots has just announced that they’re already open for the season! In celebration of the warmer weather – and the fact that they’ve also added 20 new dingy’s to their fleet, we figured we’d put a guide together a guide outlining everything that you’ll need to know in order to enjoy a full day of floating down the Bow River in Calgary this spring.

Where to Rent

Alright, let’s start with the basics! For those of you who have a canoe, kayak, or raft, congrats! You’re well ahead of the game. The rest of you are going to need a floater – so listen up! Although right now we don’t think that you’ll have any issue securing a rental, it is worth mentioning that later on this season we’d recommend booking something well in advance. Below are a few places where you can borrow everything from life jackets, boats, and paddles.

Lazy Day Raft Rentals – Now open (offering 20% discount this May)

Where: 720 – 3rd Street NW, Calgary
Cost: $55+

Sports Rent – Now open

Where: 4424 16 Ave NW Calgary
Cost: $55+

The Paddle Station – Opening May 22nd, 2021

Where: 5227 – 13 Ave NW, Calgary
Cost: $50+

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Now that you’ve got a raft, you’ll need to know where to park! We’d recommend having two cars and parking one vehicle at one end and the other at a starting point. Here are a few popular points where people often either start and complete their journey.

Popular starting points include: 

Carburn Park

Where: 67 Riverview Drive SE, Calgary

Edworthy Park

Where: 5050 Spruce Drive SW, Calgary

Bowness Park

Where: 8900 48 Ave NW, Calgary

Prince’s Island Park

Where: 698 Eau Claire Ave SW, Calgary

Sue Higgins Park

Where: Southland Drive SE &, Deerfoot Trail, Calgary

Safety and Rules


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Okay, so we know some of you will try to resist this section because you feel like your reputation for breaking the rules may be on the line, but don’t. We promise no one will think you went soft because you brought the proper gear and survived.

When on the Bow River, all passengers MUST wear a lifejacket, also you won’t be able to drink a Bow-pop while on the water. Sorry guys, you’ll have to leave all alcohol on the land! Also, In the event that it starts to rain, the city recommends that you pull over to the side – no matter how tempting it may be to ride it out.

If you have any other questions about the do’s and don’ts of floating down the Bow River, check out the city of Calgary website here!

As always, the water will be gone in the blink of an eye, so keep one on the forecast! Sunny days are ahead and you won’t want to waste a spicy minute of the season. Hopefully, we’ve helped you guys plan your Bow River adventure. Enjoy yourselves, and be safe!