Nothing like a little history with a sunny day swim. The City of Tenino is home to the Quarry Swimming Pool, and it is opening this month. Let’s have a look at this pool, which has a history that spans back to the 1800’s.

Located about an hour and a half from Seattle, the City of Tenino says that there is “nothing else like this anywhere.”

The Quarry Pool was originally a working sandstone quarry in the late 1800’s, according to the city.

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Image via City of Tenino

“Legend has it that quarrymen struck a spring that quickly filled the pit with water. As the water flooded the area, the workmen had to abandon their equipment and machinery. To this day, tools and heavy machinery still sit at the bottom of the site,” says the City of Tenino.

In 2017, divers did head out to examine the water, although it was “so cold”, they were able to “some abandoned equipment by feel.”

The area has since become a low-cost recreation spot for families. Additionally, during the open season, there is a lifeguard on duty as visitors enjoy the pool area.

Here, you will also find a wading pool and splash pad, while the deep water area has two diving boards and a waterfall.

If you’re looking for a place to cool off this summer, add this one-of-a-kind, freshwater pool on your list!

This season, the Quarry Swimming Pool opens on June 22nd, and will be open until September 2nd, 2024.

One-time visits start at $4-$6 per person, and season passes are available for families starting at $125-$200.

Quarry Swimming Pool

When: Open June 22nd through September 2nd, 2024
Hours: Wednesday – Sunday from Noon to 6 PM
Where:Tenino Quarry Pool, 399 W Park Ave, Tenino, Washington
Cost: $4+