We may all be stuck at home now, but one lucky fella’s quarantine just ended. Yes, we’re talking about the Bud Light Seltzer mascot who’s been chilling on top of a Toronto LCBO for the past two weeks. Affectionately named, Seltzy, this absolute icon is being released today.

You know what that means, right? It means that the Bud Light Seltzer has officially hit the shelves! Beginning today, you can head to an LCBO near you to enjoy the bright and refreshing taste of this new beverage.

As a side note, although LCBO locations are open across the province, be sure to take necessary precautions if you decide to visit one in-person. Stores are operating at limited capacity as per Ontario guidelines. You can learn more about the provincial stay-at-home order restrictions here.

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bud light
Via Bud Light

Okay, back to the fun stuff now. Seltzy made quite the mark on Toronto over the past 14-days. The quarantining mascot caught the attention of folks all over the city. Whether people were passing on the street, hanging in the surrounding condos, or just watching the whole thing go down online, this awesome mascot cause quite the stir.

The journey’s not over yet! If you’d like to continue following Seltzy’s story, you can follow along on the official Instagram @budlightliving.

Then get your hands on a Bud Light Seltzer, sit back, and enjoy. Cheers!


Where: Find them at your nearest LCBO location