Who’s ready for Super Bowl food, parties, and this year’s halftime show? We sure are! And with Super Bowl Sunday on the horizon, we have the info both non-sports fans and football fans need to keep up with their group chat, all game long.  

 Wondering why your friends keep dropping words like “moneyline” (hint: it’s a bet with one simple choice like who will win the game) or the over/under (like a bet on whether the total score of a game will be over or under an assigned amount)? Don’t worry – PROLINE+ and PlaySmart have you covered like that person covering the wide receiver (they’re called a cornerback).  Check out their Football Betting Guide where you can learn the ins and outs of sports betting in no time. From Props to Parlays to Point Spreads (yep, it’s all explained in the Guide) – you’ll be able to understand what your friends are chatting about all game long.  

We know – it’s not just about football…  

Let’s face it, some of us are still only tuning in for the tunes at halftime. And that’s okay, because whether you know football or not, PROLINE+ has novelty bets for any level of fandom. From predicting the colour of the Gatorade to the outcome of the coin toss or even the over/under odds on how many songs Usher will sing at halftime – there’s something for everyone.   

But here’s the real touchdown dance — when you play with PROLINE+, you’re not just betting for your own glory; you’re playing for Ontario! It’s the only sportsbook that gives 100% of profits back to local communities like yours. It’s a win-win, or should we say, a touchdown-touchdown!  

And remember, it’s all for fun, so don’t forget to check out all the player tools with PROLINE+ ‒ like daily, weekly & monthly spend and deposit limits and educational materials for safe, informed, and fun play.