Autumn is the best time of year to explore, and if you haven’t been out to Prince Edward County yet, this is your sign to visit this season!

Now that the busy summer is winding down, fall is a chance to experience all the beauty that this region has to offer, only without the crowds.

There is so much to see, do, and experience in PEC. We’ll give you the highlights and let you choose your own adventure!

This region may be known for its wineries — and don’t worry, we’ll get there — but there’s so much more that makes this area special.

The lush country scenery and 800 km of glistening shoreline will provide the backdrop as you stop at all the sights along the way.

In Prince Edward County, there are thee main historic towns to visit — Wellington, Bloomfield, and Picton.

These towns are not too far apart and are easy to navigate. Each of them bosts a vibrant main street with artisan shops, boutiques, restaurants, inns, and cafes.

You’ll be doing more than just window-shopping here — these shops and restaurants are so trendy, they wouldn’t be out of place on Queen Street West!

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But, if you’re after a more down-to-earth experience, there are plenty of antique stores and authentic farmers’ markets to check out, like the Hagerman Farms seasonal farm stand, which has farm-fresh produce and treats with adorable animals on site.

There are also much smaller “hamlets” to see, like Ameliasburgh and Sophiasburg.

On a sunny day, you will be tempted to visit Sandbanks Provincial Park, home to pristine white sand dunes, inviting blue water, and hiking trails.

The “bounty of the County” is a saying for a reason — the food and drinks are top-notch.

Speaking of drinks, PEC is most famously known to most as a wine region, and you will find a huge variety of local wine-makers here where you can wander among the vineyards, sample some sips, and purchase a bottle to take home.

So, have we convinced you to drive out to Prince Edward County this fall? It’s hard to believe that this paradise is only two hours east of Toronto!