Ontario is full of natural wonders, but trust us when we say that you’ve never seen anything like Potholes Provincial Park.

This park is home to distinctive bedrock scenery, including “potholes” that were formed by glacial erosion, according to Ontario Parks.

These unique potholes are a short distance from the parking lot, so you won’t have to trek very far to enjoy the sights.

Boardwalks and informational signs will guide you through the bedrock scenery.

“Colourful interpretive panels take you back 10,000 years where the glacial meltwater carrying debris of enormous erosive power,” says Ontario Parks,

The meltwater flowed over fractured bedrock, which formed large potholes and sculpted the surrounding rock.

The panels also provide information about the geology, flora, and fauna found in this provincial park.

The boardwalk trail spans 350 metres. It winds through the natural beauty that surrounds the potholes.

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Today, water from the Kinniwabi River still flows and pools inside these potholes, even forming miniature waterfalls.

Visitors will also be treated to the sights (and sounds!) of the surrounding boreal forest.

This forest is home to hundreds of species of songbirds, including warblers, flycatchers, and Northern Sparrows.

So, while you make your way along the path, you will likely be treated to a beautiful natural soundtrack.

The trip might be worth it just for the picnic potential.

According to Ontario Parks, there is a place to stop and picnic along Highway 101 inside an ancient glacial valley. Talk about outdoor dining with a view!

It’s just one of those places that you have to see to believe, and fully appreciate.

Potholes Provincial Park

When: Open daily until September 4th, 2023
Where: East of Wawa on Highway 101, Algoma District