Do you think your pet has a unique name? According to this year’s pet name trends, that might be up for debate. Rover has released its annual findings and these were the most popular pet names in Seattle in 2022.

Each year, Rover combs through its database of over one million pet parents to uncover trends both locally and nationally.

While things certainly do change with trends, some names remain consistently popular across the board. Ready for the data?

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The top 5 male dog names are:

1. Charlie
2. Max
3. Milo
4. Winston
5. Oliver

The top 5 female dog names are:

1. Luna
2. Bella
3. Daisy
4. Lucy
5. Ruby

The top 5 male cat names are:

1. Leo
2. Milo
3. Oliver
4. Henry
5. Loki

The top 5 female cat names are:

1. Luna
2. Lilly
3. Bella
4. Lucy
5. Pepper

Clearly, there’s a bit of crossover in both cat and dog names. But there are also two trending names slowly rising the ranks.

The top trending dog name is Reina which was up 1,073% in 2022 and the top trending cat name is Fig which was up 1,279%.

It’s no secret that Seattle is a foodie city which makes sense why we have so many food-centric pet names rising in popularity.

Some of those names for dogs include Kimchi (973%), Goji (673%), and Cheese (473%). For cats, you’ll find names like Fig (1,280%), Peaches (480%), and Bacon (380%).

Pet parents were also inspired by sports with Mariners-related names like Felix (87%) and Luis trending up in 2022.

People also got inspired by movies, with the name Batman trending up 780%. The name Magnolia is up 173% for dogs.

There you have it, Seattle! Is your pet’s name in the top five? Don’t worry, you’re still a creative genius in our eyes.