If you’ve been hoping for some winter weather in Toronto and the GTA – your wish may finally be coming true!

After what has been referred to as a warmer-than-usual December in and around Toronto, a polar vortex is on its way to Ontario and is bringing snow to Toronto in the upcoming weeks.

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According to The Weather Network, “While El Niño is still just as strong, a major change in the jet stream pattern is already underway. One of the keys to the pattern change is the polar vortex which is expected to split into two parts, and one piece is expected to be over Northern Canada through mid-January.”

The Weather Network defines a polar vortex as “a large-scale circulation that wraps around the Arctic during the cold season,” bringing colder temperatures”.

The Weather Network also says “through mid-January, we are closely watching the potential for the Arctic air to shift east into Ontario and Quebec for several days.”

They added, “During the second half of January we expect a typical, mid-winter pattern across most of Canada. This means that we will continue to see shots of frigid weather.”

And with colder temperatures, comes snow! The weather agency is forecasting that between the weekend of Friday, January 12th and Sunday, January 15th, Toronto will see up to around 14 CM of snow, with temperatures dipping to -9°C as the week goes on.

the weather network
Image via The Weather Network

So if you’re someone who loves embracing the winter, the time is finally coming!

The Weather Network also reminds everyone “don’t let your guard down” and to “keep your warm clothes and shovel handy. While winter was very much delayed, it won’t be denied this year.”

Enjoy, winter lovers!