Comfort food season is upon us, so – in celebration of such a delicious occasion, we’ve put together a list of 15 places in Calgary where you can get a slice and warm up from the inside out this fall. We hope you’re hungry because here are some of our favourites!

Crispy Crust 

Serving Calgary’s cheesiest pizza for years, Crispy Crust shows no sign of slowing down. Here you can get a saucy piece, tasty sides and pasta.

Where: 464 B Woodbine Blvd SW3
Instagram: @crispycrustyyc

Noble Pie

Located in a ‘secret’ alley location on 11th Avenue, Noble Pie is one of the best. From daring toppings to the classics, Calgary’s Noble Pie is known for its perfectly crisp crust and impressive portion sizes. Check them out!

Where: 720 11 Avenue SW (closed Monday and Tuesday)
Instagram: @Noblepiepizza

Pink Door Pizza


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From pickles and cajun butter to crispy fried onions and corn, Starbelly’s sister spot Pink Door Pizza is not one that a Calgary pizza lover should sleep on. Open for takeout only, this ‘secret’ spot is truly one of a kind.

Where: 4307 130 Ave SE #180
Instagram: @pinkdoorpizza

Seniore’s Pizza 

Hungry? Grab a GIANT slice for $3 at Seniore’s. This place does not play around when it comes to their portion sizes – plus they’re ooey-gooey, sauced up and can be covered in the toppings of your choice.

Where: 176 Bedford Dr. NE #7, Calgary
Instagram: @seniorespizzayyc

Pizzeria Gaga

Named one of Calgary’s best pizza shops, Pizzeria Gaga is a must-visit. These guys bake classic flavours made with love for the traditionalists and new, more outlandish flavours for those who are in the mood for something different! 10/10 would recommend.

Where: 1236 12 Ave SW, Calgary

Pizza Face

Located on 17th Avenue, this colourful eatery will practically change the way feel about pizza! From classic crowd-pleasers to inventive eats like their Black Truffle Pizza, this place has amassed a loyal following and it’s clear why. They’re delicious!

Where: 515 17 Ave SW #140, Calgary
Instagram: @PizzaFaceYYC

Good Pizza


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Inside Calgary’s sweet little Ladybug Bakery and Cafe, you’ll find their new spot Good Pizza! Like the Ladybug’s daytime menu, their pizzas are fun and super unique – but unlike their scones and desserts… their za is covered sky high in cheese, as it should be.

Where: 2132-10 Aspen Stone Blvd Calgary, AB (Only open weekends)
Instagram: @GoodPizzaYYC

The Mash

Calgary’s The Mash is an unreal spot specializing in making pizza dough with grain leftover from the beer-making process. With fresh ingredients and ‘spent’ seed, The Mash is able to fast-fire some tasty craft za, which honestly is quite literally the MOST perfect beer pairing. Check them out!

Where: See locations here
Instagram: @The.Mash.Eats

JinBar YYC 

Owned by Top Chef Canada season 6 and the Food Network’s Wall of Chefs alumni Jinhee Lee, this Korean pizza and Chicken restaurant is really something special. From the comforting toppings to the 5-star quality you’d expect from an FN alum, you’ll find it here – trust us, you won’t regret checking it out.

Where: 24 4 St NE Calgary, AB T2E 3R7
Instagram: @JinBarYYC

Little Tavern Pizza Project

Calgary’s adorable Little Tavern Pizza Project is ambitious, authentic and super big on all of those little things that make pizza so great. They’re refined, elevated… and they serve their pies with local beer!

Where: 5555 Strathcona Hill SW, Calgary AB
Instagram: @littletavern_

Pizza Culture

Calgary’s Pizza Culture pays homage to the Neapolitan pies of Naples with over 20 different combinations and true-to-Italy dough. But it gets even better! PC’s za is also baked to perfection in their wood-fired Stefano Ferrara oven, which was imported from the European boot, itself. Talk about authenticity! This is a must-try, folks.

Where: 1114 Edmonton Trail #1, Calgary
Instagram: @PizzaCultureYYC

Pie-Eyed Pizza


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Pie Eye’d Pizza is a delivery-only concept kitchen featuring delightfully delicious pizzas that will satisfy every cheesy, saucy craving that you might have. We can almost guarantee it.

Where: Order online here
Instagram: @PieEyedPizza

Carmine’s Pizza

Carmine’s is a Calgary favourite. Their pizzas are big and the sauces are bold. These guys do not mess around with their toppings, portion size or flavour. Also, their staff and service are just really great.

Where:390 Northmount Dr NW, Calgary, AB
Instagram: @CarminespizzeriaYYC


If you know, you know! This award-winning pizza joint and sports bar has some of the best pies in all of Calgary. Located in the NE, those who crave big slices and original toppings have to check this place out – if they don’t already have them on speed dial.

Where: 6060 Memorial Dr, Calgary
Instagram: @atlas_pizza_calgary

Niko’s Pizza

Specializing in Greek-style pizza and grub, this place is old school in all of the best ways. These guys only use fresh, locally sourced ingredients and are served cheesy and piping hot. They’re certainly not new to the business of Pizza and it shows.

Where: 1405 11 St SW, Calgary
Instagram: @NikosYYC

There you have it, folks. 15 pizza places in Calgary where you can grab a dynamite slice of the good stuff. Tonight, go crazy with the toppings, and enjoy! You deserve to treat yourself!