While the legend of 4/20 seems to be a somewhat murky one, it did help establish April 20 as the official high day. And as is the case with any celebration, this one would be incomplete without a killer Pizza Pizza deal. Lo and behold, the popular Canadian chain just dropped one.

To celebrate National Cannabis Day, Pizza Pizza is running a dope deal just for today. You can grab 4 small, single-topping pizzas for just $20 making it the perfect option to satisfy those munchies.


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Given that pizza is an all-season-all-reason staple and is a go-to when you have a serious case of the munchies, this offer seems heaven-sent. Plus, the four small pizzas are perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying as a meal on your own.

Frankly, whether you are celebrating the national high day or simply craving a delicious pizza, this amazing offer has you covered.

The 4/20 Pizza Pizza deal is available through all ordering channels across BC. So, be sure to take advantage of it before the day end.

Here’s to good highs and great munchies!