Pink granite landscapes, surreal windswept trees, shimmering turquoise waters — Philip Edward Island is like a fantasy movie come to life and it’s right here in Ontario.

The island is located in the Killarney region, which is just over four hours from downtown Toronto.

Philip Edward Island is in the Georgian Bay waters and is believed to be remnants of the eroded Killarney mountains, according to Northern Ontario Travel.

What’s left of these former mountains is a unique landscape of granite and quartz islands dotted with glacial potholes and wave-shaped rocks, as well as the iconic curved pine trees and aqua-blue waters of Georgian Bay.

Philip Edward Island is a must-visit destination in this region, thanks to the pink granite bedrock and the “free-for-all” camping options, says the outlet.

Not only is the scenery beautiful with the La Cloche mountains in the distance, but the surrounding water is also “bathwater” warm during the summertime.

Because the island is Crown land, that means you don’t need a reservation or designated spot to camp.

However, it is important to be courteous of other campers and wise with how you choose your campsite, as you will be exposed to the elements, including wind and rain.

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You can get there by boat or by paddling, although this is a journey that you will have to prepare for.

According to Explore Magazine, circumnavigating the island is about 50 km in total and is especially challenging during high winds.

The best time to visit is between June and mid-August, as there are fewer storms in Georgian Bay this time of year.

You could cover the whole area in five to seven days, or you could stick to the southern shoreline for an easier excursion.

Northern Ontario Travel says that the best place to start your journey is at the end of Chikanashing Road in Killarney Provincial Park.

You’ll need a permit for your car to leave it there, but that’s an easy thing to get at the park office.

Now that you have all the details, it’s time to infuse your summer with adventure by visiting this surreal oasis!