Saying goodbye to our furry family members is a heartwrenching thing to do. Whether it is a sudden or a long impending loss, there’s really no way to prepare yourself for it. But Pet to Nature Canada has a few tips that might help you through the mourning.

So, Pet to Nature is a Calgary-based pet cremation service. They help you execute the most precious memorials filled with grace & love that your pet children rightfully deserve. If needed, they pick up your furry friend from the vet or your home, and then set up a comfort room with your beloved pet and all the little items that commemorate your time with them.

Pet to Nature Memorial Services
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Plus, Pet to Nature pioneers the eco-friendly cremation alternative, Aquamation, aka Water Cremation.

Warm and forthcoming as they are, the folks at Pet to Nature also gave us a few keepsake suggestions that are apt ways of cherishing pet memories. Below are 6 keepsakes that immortalize your pet memories forever—


Just because you can’t see them in person anymore, doesn’t mean you can’t still adorn them by way of a sweatshirt. Pick out your fave pic of your pet or one with your pet and get it custom printed on a cozy sweatshirt. That way, you can still sleep with them in one way. And it gives you a similar warmth as they did.


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Another way to spark those warm, fuzzy, Aww-inducing feelings is to have not one, but a whole bunch of their pics. Collection some solo pics, family pics or any others that bring a smile to your face. And get a custom memory quilt stitched with them all. Adding in their name and/or a list of their fave things and places is also a nice idea.


As much as we’d love to sketch and paint portraits of all the beloved beings around us, we can’t all be artists. Thank heavens for the talented artists who can. Get a professional to make a pet portrait. This not only takes the classic framed pic a notch higher but is a fond and wonderful remembrance of the lost soul.


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There’s more than one reason to have your keychains hold pet memories. For one, most of our pets have had a few good plays with our keys. For two, our keys go wherever we do. And having our good boy/girls’ names engraved on them, or even their pics put up is a great way of keeping them alive in your thoughts.


Another beautiful personal way of forever remembering your furry lil’ ones is to get their ashes turned into jewellery, and Pet to Nature can help with that! That way you can adorn them, remember them and love them for as long you live. And given that they showered us with love all their life, this seems like such a befitting ode to their memory, doesn’t it?

Pet to Nature Memorial Services
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You can tattoo it. You can print and frame it. Or you can get it engraved. Whatever be your preference for preserving your pet baby’s paw print, it is an excellent choice. It keeps their legacy going and our memories of them fresh.

These were some ideas we (and Pet to Nature) thought were a great way of cherishing the bond we have with our pets even after they are gone. Hope you find these helpful!