It’s never a dull week in Seattle, especially this past week. “Why?” you ask? Well because a few disgruntled “activists” superglued themselves to the Starbucks headquarters. Yes, you read that right, superglue.

The PETA activists pulled the stunt at Starbucks quarters in Seattle in response to Starbucks plant-based milk upcharges. They hoped that by gluing themselves to the counter, they would get the attention of CEO Howard Schultz. Instead, they got themselves two felony charges of theft of services and destruction of property according to PETA.

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While the commitment to their own message is impressive, it’s a change that’s unlikely to happen. Starbucks has only dropped the plant-based milk upcharge in the UK. Considering that the US is one of Starbucks largest markets, it’s hard to imagine that they would be willing to make such a massive change over some superglue. That being said, no one get any ideas to do anything bigger.

Chances are we’ll all be waiting quite a while before Starbucks levels plant-based and dairy product prices. Happy Friday folks!