Sure, there are things like cauliflower and pistachios that are typically a little pricey, but you likely live in a big city, where everything else is relatively affordable. Things could be a heck of a lot worse and today, thanks to Tiktok-er @Aqigiaq, we got some insight on just how good we’ve actually got it.

For those who live in the Canadian Arctic Circle, the powder is deep, the snowmobile is a popular means of casual transportation and the prices at the grocery store are astronomical.

Lenny, who lives in Northern Nunavut, has amassed over 24k followers sharing his exceptional day-to-day adventures, including hitting his local food mart.

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@aqigiaq♬ original sound – Lenny Aqigiaq Paniga

From holding a cookout in an Igloo (yes, really), to sharing incredible sunsets, the world has been able to see the territory through his eyes. However, one of the most shocking videos he’s shared is the one below; in which he records the price of chips ($9.39), canned meat ($7.29), nuggets ($55), mayonnaise ($10.29), a box of cookies ($10.99) and perhaps the most shocking – a box of Coca-Cola which costs an insane $51.99.

Having a hard time wrapping your head around spending more than a few bucks on some chicken nuggets? You’re not alone! Those in the comment section were also shaken to the core, with users like @Sundog1190 calling it “eye-opening” and @Kaymichellebelle sharing that a box of Coke can be purchased for only $5 in Texas where she lives.

Due to its out-of-the-way location and their frigid winters, transport costs are often – what most would consider – insane, but man – is it one gorgeous place.

Knowing this, would we up and move? Probably not, but we can see why so many choose to. Sure it’s expensive but Nunavut has an incredibly rich culture and views that would knock anyone’s socks off.

For now, we think that we’ll just listen, learn and admire the area through Lenny (@Aqigiaq) – a frost-loving fella with one of the coolest homes in Canada.