Last year was a strange one, but if we had to say anything positive about it, at least we saw some pretty inventive events!. One example? Calgary’s Tunnel Of Terror, a COVID safe haunted house/carwash hybrid experience. If you’re among the many who missed it, take a muddy backroad and lock your doors – because this year it’s back and freakier than ever.

This fall, get scary clean while monsters and maniacs attack and haunt your vehicle from the outside… if you dare.

A partnership between the Great White Car Wash and Bluebird Storage, this bizarre event will occupy two of their tunnels and only run for three days between October 29th and the 31st.


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Tickets are only as expensive as the service you get (which starts at $20 for members) and will also leave your ride super sparkly so even if you don’t jump or scream, it’ll still be worth it.

It is worth noting, however, that if you’re interested you should get tickets ASAP because they did totally sell out last year.

We know that circumstances may be a little different this time around, but we can’t imagine that many will pass up the chance to check it out anyway.

For more information, or to snag a spot, you can visit their website here! Enjoy ghouls!


When: Friday, October 29th – October 31st
Where: 5421 Dufferin Boulevard Southeast, AB
Time: 7 pm – 10 pm
Cost: $21 +