People are willing to go just about anywhere for dirt cheap real estate these days, especially when it’s so cheap that it’s practically free. The northern Ontario town of Smooth Rock Falls is using that fact to its advantage, inspiring an influx of new residents to move there from all over the country.

The town’s population took a major hit after the shutdown of its local mill back in 2006, reports CBC News. But, their budget-friendly land has enticed dozens of families from Alberta, Newfoundland, B.C., and other parts of Ontario.

Around four years ago, Smooth Rock Falls ramped up its efforts to breathe new life into the town and knocked the price of land to just $500, and has made commercial and residential lots available for up to 90% off the market value. The decision led to over 1,000 inquiries from people looking for a fresh start without breaking the bank.

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A community snapshot of Smooth Rock Falls sent to Curiocity highlights some of its best features. The town sits right on the Mattagami River and has a majority bilingual population of just over 1,300 people. In addition to exceptionally cheap real estate, the town offers generous incentives for starting up your own business in the town and helping you thrive.

The average income of a Smooth Rock Falls resident is $74,398, and it’s home to great healthcare amenities and schools. The closest big cities to Smooth Rock Falls are Timmins and Sudbury, and it’s a 784 km drive from Toronto.

You can take a look at all of the available residential properties for sale in Smooth Rock Falls here. It’s safe to say that real estate won’t be getting any cheaper in Ontario from here on out and for $500, life in small-town northern Ontario suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.