Tired of showing up just to see a line down the block? With summer travel well underway, Canada has started showing wait times to get a new passport all across the country, along with a couple of new updates. Here’s what to know about it.

With averages in the hours, Canada has started showing current wait times at passport offices through their official website. So, instead of making the trek down there just find out that you can’t be served, you can instead check online beforehand to try and find a better day for you.

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Alternatively, people can use this to find out if some places have less of a wait than others. Sure, you might have to drive out to the suburbs or something, but that 30 minutes in transit could mean saving an hour or two in line. A decent trade off, in our opinion.

And finally, those in the GTA, Montreal, and Vancouver should know that the government of Canada has installed new measures for those who need a passport for 48 hours or less. So if you’re still a couple of weeks out from your trip, be aware that you might be directed elsewhere anyway.

Yeah, it’s a doozy of a situation. Best of luck to those trying to get their passports in check ahead of summer travel!