With the return of air travel, comes the not so fun bonus of some seriously wonky airport wait times across Canada. Luckily, an official app has been created that will tell you just how long you’re going to be standing in line. Here’s a little info!

The “Breeze through security!” app has been specifically created by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (or CATSA for short). And while it’s got a few features, easily the most valuable is up-to-date wait times for security checkpoints.

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The app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, covers all of Canada’s major airports. So, whether you’re taking a red eye from Calgary to Montreal, flying from Toronto to Europe, or heading out of Vancouver to Asia, it’s got you covered.

Of course, this app for airport wait times across Canada is just a nice bonus for all the anxious travellers out there. The official recommendation, if you’re jumping on a jet, is to show up at least 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international ones.

After all, it’s better to overpay for a beer at the terminal than have a mini freak out trying to get through security. That’s our approach, anyway.