With temperatures on the rise, we’re eager to pitch a tent, melt a mallow, and fall asleep under the stars, but not without planning ahead.

As any happy camper knows, before you pack a cooler, you’ll need to reserve a campsite and Parks Canada has just made it easier than ever before.

This summer, those who aren’t lucky enough to find an open site at their desired location will be able to request a notification when a site or PC accommodation becomes available.

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So how does it work?

To sign up, first search for your favourite campground If no sites are available, simply click “Notify me.”

If and when any sites that match your criteria become available you will receive an email that will prompt you to sign in to your PCRS profile.

Check your notifications, click the available site and then start the reservation process!

“Many cancellations occur in the week leading up to the arrival date,” Parks Canada wrote on social media.

“With many summer weekends ahead, boost your chances of snagging your dream camping spot.”

Ready to kick off the 2024 season? Head to their website now!

It’s going to be a long hot summer.