Want to float your way through the warmer months? Located in Saskatchewan, Little Manitou Lake is a stunning destination that should be on everyone’s hit list, this summer and all those to come.

Often referred to as the Dead Sea of Canada, those who can’t swim or would just prefer to bob, are encouraged to enjoy a “no sink” experience in the saltiest lake water in the country.

Manitou, which means “Great Spirit” in Cree, is rich with a variety of minerals that will not only keep your head above water but will also do your body a favour, according to the site’s official webpage. 

“Little Manitou Lake – the only lake like it in North America – with properties similar to that of the Dead Sea in Jordan – is a truly unique experience. With many healing and rejuvenating properties,” they explain. 

“Mineral salts aid hydration which helps firm the skin by balancing moisture beneath the surface. It keeps mucous membranes moist and increases cell regeneration, giving skin greater elasticity.”

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In addition, the water is rich in magnesium, sulphates, potassium, iron, “nature’s beauty mineral,” sulpher.

Want to take a dip? Here, boating and fishing are discouraged, but there are plenty of other things you can check out while in the area.

In between beach visits, you can also hit their dance hall, the art gallery, a very popular beach bar called “Mike’s,” a bird sanctuary, a mini golf course, or a drive-in theatre!

Hotels, campgrounds, inns, and rental homes are plenty, plus there’s no shortage of restaurants, pubs, and cafes, so get planning!

There’s really nothing else like it on this side of the border, Canada.

It’s really something else!

Little Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan 

Where: Directions here