Did you know that Ontario has its very own Grand Canyon? The 150-metre gorge at Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park is a breathtaking sight that you have to see to believe, especially in the fall season.

Nestled 60 km northeast of Thunder Bay along the north shore of Lake Superior, Ouimet Canyon is a true natural wonder.

Pictures can hardly capture the grandeur of Ouimet Canyon, a 100-meter-deep, 150-meter-wide, and 2,000-meter-long gorge bordered by stone cliffs.

When you arrive, you will embark on a 1 km loop trail before reaching two lookout platforms strategically positioned on the canyon’s edge.

These observation pods offer a bird’s-eye view of the dramatic cliffs plunging down to the canyon floor.

And as you gaze beyond the canyon, you’ll even see the shimmering waters of Lake Superior and the stunning sights of fall foliage.

According to Destination Ontario, it’s believed that over a billion years ago, glaciers sculpted the gorge, and over time, erosion shaped these remarkable rock columns.

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The canyon’s depths harbor a surprise – researchers have uncovered rare Arctic flora flourishing in this seemingly unlikely habitat.

These resilient plants, typically found over 1,000 km to the north, have defied the odds and adapted to the unique conditions and climate beneath the canyon’s rocky floor.

Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park is a testament to the wonders of nature’s artistry and resilience.

Not far from Ouimet Canyon is Eagle Canyon, which is home to Canada’s longest suspension footbridge that you can cross — if you’re brave enough, that is!

With its unparalleled views and fascinating history, a visit to Ouimet Canyon will leave you in awe of nature.

Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park

When: Open until October 10th, 2023
Where: Greenwich Lake Road, Pass Lake, Ontario