Love hot dogs? This one is for you. Oscar Mayer has just announced the opening of Hotdogger applications, and you can have a job driving the Wienermobile.

Do we have your attention yet?

The job opening is for a one-year, full-time, paid gig behind the wheel of the iconic Wienermobile.

“Chosen applicants will represent the 37th class of Hotdoggers, joining a rich history of spreading joy and wiener whistles to adoring fans,” states the Kraft Heinz Company.

“Traveling an average of 20,000 miles each year, Hotdoggers visit at least 40 cities across the country and attend more than 1,200 events. Each member of the class is entrusted with driving and maintaining the 27-foot hot dog on wheels, along with creating social content for the brand’s channels during their “meat” and greets across the country.”

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The Oscar Mayer team is calling the title of a Hotdogger a “rare and coveted position.”

“Statistically speaking, more people have visited space than driven the Wienermobile! We take pride in welcoming the next class who will continue to uphold the tradition of sparking smiles and bringing buns of fun to fans across the U.S,” said Ed Roland, ‘Top Dog’ and Sr. Manager Brand Communications for Oscar Mayer at The Kraft Heinz Company.

The company said that this year, the coveted Hotdogger title “is granted to 12 applicants who cut the mustard.”

According to the job posting, the One-Of-A-Kind role comes with a competitive package including a $35,600 base salary, a weekly allowance of $150 ($7,200/yr.) for meals & personal travel, 18 days of paid time off, full health benefits package, and 100% of hotel expenses covered.

Good luck, and don’t forget to visit us with some hot dogs!