With the launch of Ontario’s vaccine passport app just over a week away, it looks like the province has already made it available on the app store. The free app will allow businesses and venues to scan individuals’ unique QR codes for proof of vaccination.

Businesses will be able to use this app to scan the code to ensure that you’ve received both your shots, as opposed to using the print or digital copy of your certificate along with a photo ID. However, using it is totally optional.

The official launch date of the personal vaccine passport app is not until October 22nd, but an unnamed provincial government source told Global News that this Verify Ontario app will officially be unveiled this Friday. If you want a sneak peek, you can download it ahead of time. The first landing page tells you all about the app and what it is used for.

Scanning the code will allow businesses to quickly check your corresponding Ministry of Health data, including whether or not you have a valid medical reason for not receiving a vaccine and can be exempt from the requirements.

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Once a QR code is scanned, there are 3 possible results that could be generated — “verified,” “there is a problem,” and “invalid certificate.” If your certificate shows up as invalid, it could be because it’s issued by a province, territory, or country that uses a different type of QR code, or by a third-party service.

Your personal information is not stored in the app, and only a minimal amount is used to verify your vaccination status.

“This app does not allow the Ontario government or businesses to track or save personally identifiable information,” a disclaimer on the app states. It also does not store information that links locations, or “share more information than what is needed for entry.”

If you’re eager to get your business or venue all set up and ready to go, you can download the Verify Ontario app and check it out for yourself.