Ding, ding, ding, we’ve got a winner! Ontario’s newest lottery winner struck gold in Richmond Hill after she found out she won $60 million after playing the LOTTO MAX this past November.

According to OLG, Camellia Kazemi Talachi of Richmond Hill is still deciding what she wants to do with her lottery earnings after winning the November 29, 2022 draw.

Talachi has been a regular lottery player for the past four years and only recently switched to QuickPicks a few months ago instead of choosing her own numbers. We’re not saying that’s how you win it but it ultimately led her to her big LOTTO MAX win.

“I saw my life pass before my eyes as I stood there in shock. I kept thinking, ‘Is this real?’ I couldn’t concentrate and started to shake,” said Talachi when she realized she had won. According to the lottery winner, she had stopped at a gas station and decided to check her ticket, not knowing the winning ticket was sold in Richmond Hill.

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lotto max
Photo via CNW Group/OLG Winners

“I gave my ticket to the clerk, and when the winning jingle started playing, I knew I won something but didn’t know how much until OLG called the store and told me it was $60 million!”

All while this was going on in the store, Talachi’s mother was waiting for her in the car. She was so full of emotions that the clerk, who was very excited for her, helped calm her down so she could go back to the car without worrying her mom.

Talachi apparently drove 30 minutes with her mom without saying a word and it was only at they had arrived home that she spilled the deets.

“I stopped to pray for a moment and then, what felt like an out-of-body experience, I said the words, ‘I am the big lottery winner in Richmond Hill!’ My sister thought I was kidding. But when I started jumping up and down and cheering, she started to do the same. The entire family was overjoyed for me,” said Talachi.

Now what to do with the money? Talachi has several ideas that involve “sharing her good fortune”, one of them being creating employment.

“I want to be an entrepreneur and create jobs, but I need to take the time to figure out how to do this sustainably,” said Talachi. She also plans to travel the world with her family and see works of art. “A win this big needs to be shared and who better to share it with than the people I love the most.”

The winning ticket was purchased at the Bayview Kitchen Food Fair on Bayview Ave in Richmond Hill.