Most of us could use a bit of extra cash in our pocket right about now and thankfully, we’re about to get it. Ontario’s license plate sticker refunds will be issued in the coming weeks and today marks the official end of mandatory renewals in the province, meaning that we’ll no longer have to pay for an updated sticker each year.

Drivers who have been renewing their license plate stickers for their vehicles (including light-duty trucks, motorcycles, and mopeds) since March 2020 will be getting a refund cheque in the mail starting at the end of March and throughout the month of April.

However, to get your money back, there are a few things you’ll need to check to ensure that you’re eligible.

First, the address on your driver’s license has to be current and accurate. If it needs to be updated, you can do that here.

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If you moved to another province or country, there are some additional steps you’ll have to complete to get your refund.

Next, you’ll have to make sure that you don’t owe any fines, fees, or tolls. Drivers had until March 7th to pay their fines and tolls in order to get their refund within the next few weeks.

If you haven’t made your payments yet, you can still do so here and wait for your cheque to arrive in the summer or fall.

The money you get back depends on when you last renewed and how much you paid, according to ServiceOntario.

That means drivers who have been staying up to date with their renewals since March 2020 can get up to $240 back in southern Ontario and $120 in northern Ontario.

And if you get a text message that claims to have a link to your refund, ServiceOntario says to avoid opening it because it’s most definitely a scam.