Drivers in Ontario applying for their G license could get let off pretty easy come test time. The Ministry of Transportation says that because of the increase in demand, Ontario’s G road tests will be temporarily shortened to process appointments faster.

The Minister’s spokesperson Dakota Brasier said in a statement to Curiocity that DriveTest is pausing elements of the test that are also part of the G2 evaluation. This could include 3-point turns, parallel parking, and roadside stops.

However, drivers will still be tested on key elements like highway and major roadway driving.

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“DriveTest will continue to ensure applicants’ driving abilities are evaluated in challenging conditions on major roads and expressways but will use modified and more direct routes to and from road test locations, and will temporarily pause testing on certain duplicative road test elements that are tested and evaluated in the G2 road test,” said Brasier.

“This will allow for more streamlined tests while continuing to evaluate driver skills alongside new skills such as highway driving requirements.”

“Modifying G tests will increase the number of appointments open for booking and the amount of tests being completed while still maintaining Ontario’s road safety.”

The modified tests will be in effect until at least March 31st but will be extended if necessary.

The president of the Ontario Safety League said to CTV Toronto that these changes could allow for up to 30% more tests to be processed per day, but it could mean that “substandard drivers” who wouldn’t have passed in normal circumstances may “have a chance of sneaking through now.”

Even though you may not get tested on it, it’s probably a good idea to brush up on your parallel parking skills anyway, especially if you ever plan to park in downtown Toronto.