Big news comes from Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliot today as she confirms to CTV News that it’s possible we’ll be entering Stage 1 of reopening as early as this Friday. After months of lockdown and stay-at-orders in Ontario, not to mention the only-somewhat reopening last summer and the original lockdowns prior to that, this news could not be more welcome.

In the Monday morning interview with CTV, Elliot confirmed that a cabinet meeting will be taking place today to determine the earlier reopening date. In the original announcement of the three-stage Ontario reopening plan, it was assumed the province would enter Stage 1 the week of June 14th.

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Of course, the beginning of Stage 1 was always dependant on the number of adults with their first dose of the vaccine.  The original plan was to wait at least two weeks after 60% of adults had their first shot to consider moving into Stage 1. Here in Ontario, we passed that 60% threshold on May 21st.

If we do begin Stage 1 this Friday, here’s what you can expect!

This stage will include the allowance of outdoor recreational activities like gatherings (limited to 10 people) and outdoor dining (limited to 4 people per table). We’ll also see non-essential retail begin to reopen and operate at 15% capacity.

Of course, none of this is confirmed just yet, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates as they come.

You can find more information on Ontario’s COVID-19 guidelines (and book your vaccine!!) at the official website here.