Cobblestone streets, a flowing river and European vibes. You can enjoy all these things without leaving the province. Paris, Ontario, a small town near Brantford, is considered “the prettiest” town in Canada and we can see why.

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According to Paris’ website, it is “a place where a short stroll, a single bite, or a quiet moment of reflection can magically transport you through space and in time.”

The town is known for a couple of defining features including cobblestone, historic buildings, artisan boutiques, and views of the Grand River!

According to Paris, this small but mighty area is known as the “cobblestone capital of Canada” because of all the aged cobblestone homes and structures that make up the town.

The Grand River and The Nith River meet in Paris, making for a beautiful spot for a picnic.

From tubing, to kayaking, or lounging, this is the ultimate spot to hang out on a warm summer day!

There is a beautiful boardwalk here that leads down to the Grand River.

Need some fuel?

the historic Paris Bakery has been serving pastries and treats since 1927! From bagels to donuts, there is something here for everyone.

Stillwaters Plate and Pour is a must-try while visiting Paris, Ontario, with a gorgeous patio that overlooks the Grand River.

Less than two hours from Toronto, Paris is the perfect place in Ontario to visit for a day (or two) this spring and summer.