Which neighbourhoods do you think top the list of Canada’s richest communities? One GTA spot made an appearance near the top of the list, but the richest of the rich weren’t in Ontario. Maclean’s just released their list of the 100 richest communities in Canada, and while number 1 could be spotted a mile away, some of the top 10 might surprise you.

The top of the top was West Vancouver, which if you’ve ever heard the word “Vancouver,” shouldn’t surprise you. The average household net worth was well over $4 million, and grandfathered-in homeowners in the area often find themselves millionaries on paper due to their net worth. Thanks, ideally-placed house passed down via relatives.


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A swanky suburb of Montreal claimed second, and the county that surrounds much of Calgary claimed third. The average home price in both of those areas hovered around $3 and a half million. Pocket change, really.

The township of King, Ontario claimed 4th spot on the list. The York neighbourhood boasts an average home price of almost $2.8 million.

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The only other Ontario locale near the top of the list was Whitchurch-Stouffville. Halton Hills, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Vaughan were among other Ontario communities that fell outside the top 10. Toronto itself came in at #70, with an average home price of $941,973. Does that make you feel any better about how much being alive costs? Us neither. At least we’re not in West Van.

You can check out Maclean’s list of Canada’s richest communities here.