Uh-oh, we don’t think that the folks over at Big 7 Travel knew the can of worms they were opening when they released the list of the Most Beautiful Movie Locations in the World. After all, how can you pick just one part of Canada as the best? Well, they did it. Drumroll, please…

According to them, it is in fact Alberta that deserves a spot alongside places like Cambodia, Tunisia, and New Zealand. The reason for it? The 2015 movie The Revenant, which, admittedly, did a pretty fantastic job of showing off all that Alberta has to offer. After all, it’s got the plains, to the Badlands and the Rocky Mountains.

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However, we feel compelled to fact-check Big 7 here. In the description, they specifically mention the bear attack scene, and mentioned the Squamish Valley, BC as the shooting location. That’s right, but, they also say that it’s ‘on the border’ of British Columbia and Alberta. That couldn’t be further from the truth- it’s literally in the Coastal Mountains, near Whistler.

Come on, Big 7, that’s a rookie mistake. And while we’ve got a long list of fantastic movies shot in Alberta, we think overlooking the rest of Canada is a no-no, too. Martha’s Vineyard over Vancouver Island? A single house in the UK over Ontario’s lake country? Come on.

That’s it, we’re writing our own list. Stay tuned for a true Canadian film lover’s roundup of the most beautiful movie locations.