We’re sure that you’re aware at this point but the Elephant Super Car Wash has closed. And that has left many wondering what will happen to the iconic signs. But in some good news, you can rest assured knowing that the signs will have a new home at Amazon and to the MOHAI.

And to be exact, the big pink iconic sign will be going to the MOHAI. While the smaller sign will go through restoration and have a new home at Amazon’s South Lake Union campus. Because it’s important to preserve these iconic pieces of Seattle now that they’re rapidly disappearing.

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That being said, we find it a little ironic that Amazon, the big player in Seattle’s loss of character is receiving one of the signs. However, we are happy that at least one is to be displayed in public for everyone to see. And we’ll definitely have to stop by to see it.

If you’d like to learn more about the Elephant Super Car Wash signs you can click here. And we sure will miss seeing this landmark on our daily drive. But we’re glad to see that steps are in place to preserve the memory of this place. So with that have a great weekend folks!