During the pandemic, we’ve all heard of a lot of restaurants closing their doors for good. But in a positive change, one of Seattle’s oldest restaurants is looking for a new owner instead. Owner Pam Hanson is looking for someone to continue the fish and chips legacy of Ballard’s Lockspot Cafe.

The Lockspot Cafe has been a local fish and chips destination for over 90 years. They’ve served up Ballard’s OG fisherman, Seattleites, tourists, and many others. Instead of changing to reflect the hip nature of Ballard these days, the cafe has stayed true to its roots making it a beloved spot.

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It also happens to be located right next to the Ballard Locks making it a prime place for visitors to stop. We have to say, it really is one of Seattle’s last OG restaurants and we hope the new owner keeps it as authentic as possible. With that in mind, it might be time to pay them a visit because who can say no to delicious fish and chips?

If you happen to be interested in becoming a restauranteur you can contact Ozzie Kvithammer at (206) 719-6866. Either way, we’re happy to know that this historic spot will be getting a new lease on life instead of shuttered doors. With that, have a great week and treat yourself to some delicious local fish and chips.

The Lockspot Cafe

Where: 3005 NW Locks Pl
Hours: Monday-Friday 11 am-2 am, Saturday & Sunday 10 am-2 am